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About Us

In a world that is increasingly focused on transactions, we are focused on relationships. In an industry that looks to its future and sees automation and artificial intelligence as the answer to the difficulties of attracting, recruiting, and selecting talent, we believe technology alone is inadequate to the challenge. Instead, we see human relationships built on trust, caring, and value as a surer path forward. In fact, the reason these values have held true for all of human history is that they have been the surest guideposts in times of disruptive change.  

While technology has its place, it is no substitute for human beings and relationships built on value.

We believe that high trust requires that we select each candidate we choose based on our knowledge of that individual, their skills, their intangibles, their wants and needs, and where they are going to be able to do purposeful, meaningful work.

We believe that face-to-face interviews and experience coupled with the right processes outperform any technological solution. We believe that the relationships with our candidates and clients require nothing less of us.

We believe that face-to-face meetings with our clients deepen our understanding of their needs, helps us understand their unique culture, and better help them with the most important decision they make: adding someone to their team. We believe that providing our best advice as to which candidates our clients should consider is built on trust and care.

We know that some see this approach as too traditional. Others suggest that there are faster ways available, like sending resumes without meeting the candidate and using outsourced recruiters to speed the acquisition of candidates. But these are false metrics. We don’t believe that placing the wrong person one day earlier benefits our client or our candidate. We prefer to judge our success by our results in placing the right person in the right position in the right company.

We are the slight edge, the advantage our clients need to compete for the talent they need.

Iannarino Fullen Group specializes in providing professionals across a variety of industries for temporary assignments, projects, temp-to-hire opportunities, or direct hire.